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David Knisely's Useful Targets for the H-Beta Filter List.

All information from Cloudy Nights Forum. Please visit the link for more information.

  • NGC 1499 (CALIFORNIA NEBULA, naked eye and RFT)
  • M43 (part of the Great Orion Nebula)
  • IC 5146 (COCOON NEBULA in Cygnus)
  • M20 (TRIFID NEBULA, main section)
  • NGC 2327 (diffuse nebula in Monoceros)
  • IC 405 (the FLAMING STAR NEBULA in Auriga)
  • IC 417 (diffuse Nebula in Auriga)
  • IC 1283 (diffuse Nebula in Sagittarius)
  • IC 1318 GAMMA CYGNI NEBULA (diffuse nebula in Cygnus)
  • IC 2177: (Diffuse Nebula, Monoceros)
  • IC 5076 (diffuse nebula, Cygnus)
  • PK64+5.1 "CAMPBELL'S HYDROGEN STAR" Cygnus (PNG 64.7+5.0)
  • Sh2-235 (diffuse nebula in Auriga).
  • Sh2-276 "BARNARD'S LOOP" (diffuse nebula in Orion, naked eye)
  • IC 2162 (diffuse nebula in northern Orion)
  • Sh2-254 (diffuse nebula in northern Orion near IC 2162)
  • Sh2-256-7 (diffuse nebula in northern Orion near IC 2162)
  • vdB93 (Gum-1) (diffuse nebula in Monoceros near IC 2177)
  • Lambda Orionis nebular complex (very large, naked-eye)