Astrocamp October 20th / 22

If there's an activity you'd like to run or would like to be a participant in, give us a holler and we'll see what we can do.

Activities so far may include:

  • Night Sky Tour 
  • Setting up the club's Solar Scope 
  • Setting up the Club's Celestron Scope 
  • Connecting your camera to a telscope 
  • Registax and Deep Sky Stacker 
  • Auto Guiding 
  • Astronomy Basics 
  • Astrophotography basics 
  • Astro Software 
  • Tablet Apps 
  • Various other activities, eating, walking, land sailing, bowls, and lazing around if there's time.
  • startrails


A short session on Star Trails will be run. Anyone interested will require a camera capable of a series of 30 sec shots, a laptop/comp and please download a MAC or PC version of StarStax. Please make sure you have your batteries charged and an empty memory card. There's an article on startrails here but there's a much better article in your Astronomy 2016 Book by Quasar Publishing.
We'll do a couple of hours of imaging, and put it all together on Sunday morning on your PC.

Celestial items of interest

28th - Antares, Venus and Saturn make a nice line up approx 3deg separation

ISS passes for the weekend.

Screen Shot 2016 09 13 at 5.23.50 pm


Iridium Flare


Screen Shot 2016 09 13 at 5.26.04 pm