Equipment Hire

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Glengarry Astrocamp (Current Members and family only)

Astro Camps for 2022 will be again at the Glengarry Education Centre.

  • May 27th-29th
  • July 29th-31st
  • October 14th-16th  Cancelled


At this stage (November 2021), we have the go-ahead to camp. 

Any time/ date changes will be on our FaceBook page.

Fees are shown below (please pay at the meeting before camp or bring cash to the camp):

RATES FOR 2021 (subject to change)

  • CAMPING with power         $45
  • CABINS ensuite (shared)    $65 (limited numbers)
  • Day Visitors                         $10
It doesn't matter whether you stay one or two nights, the price remains the same.

What to Bring

  1. White light severely affects our (and your) night vision, so please use RED lights only where possible. It can take up to 30 mins to get your night vision.
    Haven't got a red-light torch? Just wrap 4 or 5 sheets of red cellophane over your torch secured by elastic bands.
  2. If staying in the dormitories, you'll need to bring your own pillows and bedding (it can get cold!)
  3. The kitchen is fully equipped, so you'll only need to bring food for the weekend.
  4. Don't forget your scope, binoculars and a chair. If you don't own a scope, you can use a club one so just turn up.  There are usually plenty of telescopes on the field and members are always happy to let you view.

Don't forget to book: Please make your payment before camp to

Account Details
 Bendigo Bank
BSB - 633-000
Account No.- 166804880

Please contact the club and let us know if you are coming.

Directions to Glengarry - Look for the Blue Boot

From the North and West of Brisbane (90 minutes).

370 Watsons Road

Direction (A) City Route

  • Take the Centenary Highway in Brisbane to Ipswich Motorway and proceed as below for the Southside of Brisbane
  • Direction (B) Country Route
  • Proceed to the Brisbane Valley Highway via Woodford and then southward through Esk towards Wivenhoe Dam
  • Take the Coominya turnoff (right)
  • Proceed through Coominya towards Atkinsons Dam as signposted
  • Proceed past the main turnoff to the Dam and turn right at the next intersection into Watson Road
  • Travel 3km down Watson Road and Glengarry Centre is on the right

From the South of Brisbane (60 minutes)

Direction (A) Straight Route

  • Take the Ipswich Motorway to Ipswich
  • Take the Toowoomba turnoff just before Ipswich (Warrego Highway 54)
  • Continue past Marburg, Minden and Plainland
  • Turn right at the second hand shop 3 km past the Plainlands overpass (Forest Hill - Fernvale Road)
  • Travel towards Coominya for 16 km
  • Turn left into Watson Road
  • Travel 3 km down Watson Road and Glengarry Centre is on the right

Direction (B) Shorter Route via Tarampa

  • Take the Ipswich Motorway to Ipswich
  • Take the Toowoomba turnoff just before Ipswich (Warrego Highway 54)
  • At the Minden crossroads, turn right (towards Tarampa and Lowood)
  • At the T-Intersection turn left (towards Mt Tarampa)
  • After 5 km, turn right into Mt Tarampa Road
  • Follow to the end then turn right
  • Travel 100 m, turn left into Watsons Road
  • Travel 3 km down Watson Road. Glengarry Centre is on the right

RAS Equipment Hire Policy

Only RAS members who have paid their annual membership fees are allowed to hire equipment.
Members who wish to hire equipment must have been a RAS member for three (3) months, or been deemed eligible by the Committee.
The Committee has the right to refuse rental if the potential renter does not demonstrate enough knowledge to use the equipment safely,
or if they have demonstrated unreliability in returning equipment on time and in good order.

Members can request a training session from the Committee at anytime.

Rental requests are to be made to the Committee and should include a signed (digital signatures or scanned copies accepted) Equipment Hire Form.
The Society also requires that the appropriate committee member sights the requestor's Driver's Licence or equivalent identification prior to processing commencing.


Payments are to be made into the RAS bank account at:

      Redlands Astronomical Society Inc.
     Bendigo Bank
     BSB - 633-000
     Account No.- 166804880

The renter’s name and the word "RENT" should be used as the payment identifier.
Once the deposit has been made, the bank receipt should be emailed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Payments can also be made in cash at meetings (when COVID-allowed).

Rental rates
Equipment rental rates are $15 per instrument per 30 days, with the exception of accessories and eyepieces, which are $10 per instrument.
A deposit of $50 is required per instrument.
Rental rates can be waived if the renter brings club equipment to public outreach events, or becomes a Custodian.

Rental period
Rental period is limited to 30 days for each instrument.
Multiple equipment rentals are allowed, as some items are meant to complement each other.
When the rental period is up, the renter can choose to return the equipment, or become a custodian ( At the discression of the Committee).
If a renter does not agree to become to be a custodian, equipment must be returned to the Committee.
Failure to return equipment on time will result in the renter losing their deposit and being unable to rent again.

Members have to make their own arrangements for pickup of the equipment from the Committee/Custodian/previous Renter.
A selection of equipment will be made available for pickup at every RAS OGM, AGM or by arrangement with the President. (COVID allowing)

Renters are required to return hired equipment on time -- 30 days from the day of pickup or on a pre-agreed date.
Renters must contact the Committee seven (7) days before the return date to arrange for the return of the equipment. No reminders will be made.
Returned equipment should be in good working order.
Equipment can be returned to a Committee Member at a RAS OGM, AGM or by arrangement with the President.
Renters/Custodians should keep the receipt of their returned deposit to prove that they have returned the equipment.
Outside of a RAS meeting, equipment should be returned to a Committee member's address (address sent via email), unless instructed otherwise by the Committee.
Deposits may be collected back from the Treasurer (cash or bank transfer) once the Committee notifies the Treasurer of the return of equipment.
Late returns will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.

Becoming a Custodian
Any member, who has been a member of the club for at least three (3) months and has demonstrated trustworthiness, can become a Custodian of any number of rental equipments.
Custodians need to provide safe storage of the equipment until another renter is found for the equipment.
There will be no rent collected from Custodians, however a deposit will still be held.
Custodians are also required to bring equipment to at least one (1) RAS public viewing night or outreach event a month.
If the Committee is unable to find storage space for the equipment, Custodians may not be required to fulfil public outreach event obligations.
The Committee may nominate Custodians to train members on the use of equipment.
The deposit is returned when the Custodian returns the equipment to the Committee, or the equipment is passed on to the next renter.

Custodian-only equipment
Custodian-only equipment is not normally available for hire to members, and any proposed exceptions need to be approved by the President/Committee.
In order to be able to have access to this equipment, members must be a Custodian (as above) and be able to bring the equipment to ALL public outreach events for the club .
No rent is paid on Custodian-only equipment.

Loss and Theft of Equipment
If equipment is lost or stolen, this must be reported promptly to the President/Committee, giving the date, time, and location where it was last seen.
If theft is suspected, a police report should be made and a copy submitted to the President /Committee.
In the case of loss due to negligence, the loss will result in the forfeiture of the Renter/Custodian’s deposit and in addition, compensation may be sought.
The Renter/Custodian will be given 30 days to recover the lost equipment where possible before compensation to RAS will be sought.
The Committee has the right to refuse rental of equipment to the same person in the future.

Damaged Equipment
Normal wear and tear is not counted as damage. Renters should note the initial condition and any damages before renting.
If equipment is damaged, please report promptly to the President/ Committee, giving the date and description of the damage.
If damage by a third party is suspected, a police report should be made and a copy submitted to the President/Committee.
In the case of damage due to negligence, the damage will result in the forfeiture of the Renter/Custodian’s deposit and in addition, compensation may be sought.
The Renter/Custodian should not attempt to repair the damage by themselves.
The President/Committee has the right to refuse rental of equipment to the same person in the future.

Library List for members only


  • Accelerating Universe
  • Antimatter: The Ultimate Mirror
  • Artful Universe
  • Astronomical Scrapbook
  • Build your own telescope
  • Building an astronomical telescope
  • Burnam's celestial hand-book Vol. 1
  • Burnam's celestial hand-book Vol. 2
  • Burnam's celestial hand-book Vol. 3
  • Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy
  • Case of the Missing Neutrinos
  • Collins pocket guide to the stars & planets
  • Companion to the cosmosComplexity
  • E = M C2: Great Ideas that Shaped the World
  • Elegant Universe
  • Empire of the sun
  • Ever-Changing SKY
  • Exploring the Earth & Moon
  • Exploring the Southern Sky
  • Guide to amateur astronomy
  • In the Beginning Inflationary Universe
  • Introduction to Practical Astronomy
  • Life of the UniverseNew Astronomy
  • Newton's ClockOrigin of Life
  • Quantum EvolutionRadiant Universe (electronic images ...)
  • Sky Observer's guide
  • Sky. A user's guide
  • Skywatchers Handbook
  • Space Watching
  • Star Ware
  • Stars and Planets (a Peterson Field Guide)
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Telescope Power
  • Under The Southern Cross
  • Universe Next Door
  • Unusual TelescopesView of the universe

Redlands Astronomical Society - Celebrating 20 Years

The Redlands Astronomical Society Inc.(RAS) is a community-based astronomy interest group. We are for all ages and levels of knowledge. Come along and enjoy the company of similar minded people. Exchange ideas & knowledge, contribute to the evenings discussion or perhaps just listen and learn. Join in on our society meeting nights and/or meet with us once a month under the stars for a night sky viewing.

Mission Statement: The Society exists for the enjoyment and promotion of Astronomy by its members. We have links to the Astronomical Fraternity including other Societies, Academic Institutions and major Australian Observatories.