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A few short notes on popular filters for Astronomy

Stars & Star Clusters M13, M11 None
Diffuse Nebulae Swan, Orion, Eta Carina Deep Sky UHC & UHC (dark sky) OIII (light polluted sky)
Planetary Nebulae Dumbbell, Ring Deep Sky UHC & UHC (dark sky) OIII (light polluted sky)
Faint Planetary Nebulae NGC 7293, Abell 33, Jones 1 Jones 1 OIII
Reflection Nebulae Pleiades None
Faint Nebulae Veil, Rosette, Vela SNR Deep Sky UHC & UHC (dark sky) OIII (light polluted sky)
Extremely Faint Nebulae Cocoon, Horsehead H-Beta

Deep Sky UHC filters

Intended for viewing nebulae from light-polluted skies.
Blocks all mercury vapour and high & low pressure sodium vapour lamp light, neon lights and airglow, while transmitting the rest of the visible spectrum. The best all-around visual light pollution filter for use in urban skies.This filter also provides high-contrast views of the Martian polar caps

Ultra High Contrast Filters

Baader and ProStar narrow band pass filter isolates the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) and the hydrogen-beta line (486nm) emitted by planetary and most emission nebulae. Provides superb views of the Orion, Lagoon, Swan and other extended nebulae. The best all-around dark-sky nebular filter available.

Oxygen III Filters

Narrow band pass filter (11nm) isolates just the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496nm and 501nm) emitted by planetary and extremely faint nebulae.Produces near-photographic views of the Ring Neb, Dumbbell Neb and Orion Neb etc.

Hydrogen-Beta Filters

Extremely narrow bandpass filter isolating the hydrogen-beta line alone (486nm).Excellent for viewing the Horsehead, Cocoon and California Nebulae. Often the only way to view certain nebulae and are best used under clear skies with large aperture telescopes.
Option for Astrophotography.

Baader - DSLR Astro Conversion filter
Do-It-Yourself DSLR astro Conversion filter (Baader ACF 3) for Canon EOS